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ESSL has a broad and seasoned experience in conducting fraud investigations. Our team         of experienced fraud investigators work to determine whether fraud has taken place    and tries to detect evidence if fraud has occurred. We work with corporate clients in             resolving allegations of wrongdoing and employee misconduct at every level of the    organization. We also help clients to compile comprehensive evidence file and where       possible recover stolen items. Further, we work with companies to implement policies and             procedures to prevent future occurrences.

ESSL also provide private investigations for individuals, corporate security and private     investigative professionals with critical information and insight to solve complex cases.           Whether you are trying to pinpoint criminals or suspects, uncover debt or hidden assets,            understand businesses or potential business partners, or just detect fraudulent or             suspicious behaviour, we are able to assist our customers in achieving their desired           results.

All customer information and communication with ESSL is confidential. ESSL will not      release customer information or communications to a third part without the express written consent of the customer, unless ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to        release such information.

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